Are you concerned about Security in your business?  We can help take that burden off your shoulders and make sure your business is secure.

Some of the keys to a secure network are:
User awareness of potential security threats
Properly configured firewalls
Timely installation of Windows and  3rd party security patches
Currently updated antivirus and anti malware software
Timely and secure backups of all data

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Let us help protect your valuable data and have a plan in place in case disaster strikes.  We will work with you to find the solution that fits best with your business.  Servers are fully backed up every 30 minutes.  Files and email can be quickly restored.  Backups are sent offsite once or twice a day.  In the event of a disaster, backups can be visualized in the cloud and accessed by users remotely.


We offer complete network support for small businesses.  Whether you need to start from scratch and set up a new network, upgrade your current network, or already have a functioning network that just needs monitoring and maintaining, we can take care of your needs. Between our 24/7 monitoring for hardware and software problems and our ability to access servers and workstations remotely, your risk of significant downtime is greatly reduced.

Managed Services

Take the worry out of managing your network.  Servers are monitored 24/7 and alerts are sent if any problems are detected.

Workstations and Servers are fully protected.  Security patches are tested and installed automatically, virus definitions are always up to date,  real time virus scanning, scans are run to detect and clean malware.  If there are issues with any of the above an alert is sent and the problem will be resolved quickly.

Cloud Services

Are you thinking about moving your data to the cloud?  There are many different scenarios from moving all of your data to the cloud to just hosting your email in the cloud.  We can help determine what will work best for your business.