About Microtel Systems Corporation

At Microtel Systems Corporation we specialize in Cybersecurity and Remote Desktop Services (RDS). We bring technical expertise to cloud computing. We are based out of Richmond, Virginia, offering our services to several firms.

We provide complete MSP solutions.

We have been in the business of network support since the inception of the World Wide Web (WWW). Established in 1983, we provide reliable and hassle-free computing solutions. We have provided support for numerous networks for the last 30 years. We have provided pro-active support in helping many business firms dodge malicious software, viruses, and malware.

Our cloud computing services are most popular among law firms across Virginia. We know the needs of law firms. Most of our services are focused to ensure reliability in operations, management, and documentation that are common facets of day-to-day operations in law firms.

Be it Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or providing Cybersecurity solutions to your systems and networks, we do it all! Our team is experienced at strengthening your computer infrastructure.

We have a strong reputation for our Cybersecurity solutions.