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Microtel Systems Corporation enables you to shift from hardware database computing to cloud-based database computing. With our expertise in cyber security, we analyze potential threats that can affect your systems. We also offer complete technical support.

Our technical engineers have over 30 years of experience in ensuring that you do not compromise on your Cybersecurity. We are sure that we can offer you greater flexibility in business operations.

We offer a wide range of services.

Option 1 - Cyber Analysis and Network Security

Microtel Systems Corporation provides 360-degree cyber analysis services. We ensure that you are protected from potential risks that can jeopardize networks and IT systems. We also offer protection from misuse, unauthorized access, or modification of your systems.

Option 2 - Move to Cloud Services & Remote Desktop Services

We are your go-to partners for enabling a smooth transition from hardware data maintenance to cloud-based data maintenance. We provide complete technical assistance in maintaining cloud-based data systems. We also offer terminal access for handling remote desktop services (RDS).

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